How do I send a text message?

Sending a text message on is very easy. In only a few steps, you can send an SMS to anyone, anywhere from your computer. Our services work for national and international phone numbers.

How do you send that text message? In this post we will explain eactly how.

Sending texts

You can send text messages to friends, colleagues, family or whoever. But how do you exactly send them? Meet the text messaging service from

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How does it work?

  1. First fill in who the sender of the message should be. This can be your own name or anything you would like it to say.
  2. Then enter the phone number of the recipient. Check the number carefully, so the right person gets your text! (And don’t forget the country code)
  3. Type your message. You can send the message as soon as you typed what you want to send. The maximum characters you can enter is 150 per SMS (more than 150 character will be divided over multiple text messages)
  4. When you are done, click Send SMS and pay on the payment page.
  5. After you have paid, the message will be sent instantly.

Send a text message through the internet

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