News: 911 can also be texted, not just called

Why are people confused about 911 calls or texting?

While many people are aware of the emergency phone number 911, not everyone realizes that in some regions, it is also possible to text 911 for assistance.

Text-to-911 services have been implemented in certain areas to provide an alternative communication method for individuals who may be unable to make a voice call due to various reasons such as hearing impairments or situations where speaking aloud may jeopardize their safety.

There have been many examples of individuals calling 911 from a dangerous situation, trying to be as discreet and secretive as possible so that an intruder or murderer does not realize they are calling law enforcement.

Texting 911 allows individuals to discreetly communicate with emergency services and provide crucial information about their location and the nature of the emergency.

However, it’s important to note that text-to-911 availability may vary by location, and it is advisable to check with local authorities or emergency service providers to determine if this service is available in a specific area.

The main lack of awareness for the text option, is that everyone knows the phrase ‘call 911’. Whether it be from movies, music, TV shows, the news or anywhere else. You never hear ‘text 911’.

By raising awareness about the option to text 911, more people can be empowered to seek help during emergencies and ensure their safety.


Why is Montgomery now remind people to text?

The main reason the law enforcement of Montgomery County is trying to raise awareness for the option to text 911, is the recent successes it has had with it.

One example is a sherrif being able to help a shooting  situation on a highway, where the victim had texted 911 pictures of the ongoing situation, with the shooter holding a gun.

After the police showed up, the assailant claimed to have no guns and have not started anything. However, the images were already proof enough that they were lying.

Often a voice note, image or video can say more than words, which is why texting 911 can actually often be a great solution.

Calling 911 might take more time in the waiting line and expressing yourself clearly enough to make an operator understand what you mean, might be a struggle for a lot of people.

The option is not new in Montgomery County, as it had been implemented years ago, but it has definitely gone too unnoticed for the public.

What is the sudden rise in texting promotion?

Recently, a lot more news outlets, tech companies and others have been promoting text messaging, even though it has been 30 years since the release.

The reason for this is quite unknown, but texting has been everywhere, all the time.

Another version of texting that people are quite unaware of, is the possibility to send texts online from any computer or device with internet.

Not through an app or service like Whatsapp, but proper texts that can be sent anonymously and securely to anywhere in the world.

These types of services make communicating more accessible to a lot of people in the world, who might not have the same access to phones, or service or money for that matter.

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