News: Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson text messages leaked

Famous far-right persons

Alex Jones, big online personality and conspiracy enthusiast and Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, are both well-known to be on the far-right spectrum of political and personal insights.

Mr. Jones, being cancelled from a lot of social media for his outspoken opinions, had been texting with Mr. Carlson for a long time on a personal and professional level, outing their bonding to get their influence in the general sphere increased.

Where did it go wrong?

The pair had been sending text messages for a while in 2019 and 2020 on a couple of events, among which the idea that Jones texted Carlson he was going to get arrested. The two then proceeded to message each other if they were free to talk.

This combined with the numerous broadcasts, shows the approval and support that the two were giving each other to grow in the far-right and general audience’s eyes as the most important spokesmen for the ideology.

When the lawyers of Jones sent out evidence for one of his defamation trials in 2021, they accidentally also sent out a lot of the communication irrelevant to the case, but relevant for the underlying comradery.

Why is it bad to send secrets in texts?

It is not necessarily bad to send your secrets in texts. Texting in general is a really good way of communicating and keeping in touch with people.

But using a standard SIM card in your phone, links all your texts and activity back to your name on the phone. This means, that you could even accidentally be linked to events or accusations that you did not mean that way.

Text messages can sometimes be misinterpreted by the receiver, which can lead to a lot of backlash as seen in the case of Jones and Carlson. The text messages are not portraying much clearly incriminating, but the number of messages, the combination of them, do tell an underlying story in their relationship that they perhaps wanted to keep more of a secret.

How do I safeguard my texts from being read by others?

In cases like this, text messages can have incriminating consequences. Of course, this is on the highest level, but imagine the wrong person reading a horrifying text you sent about them. Or perhaps your secrets coming out to people you don’t want to know.

It is important to keep your text messages safe. Encrypting them is one way to do it.

Sending text messages online can prevent your SMS from being linked to you and from being saved anywhere. This way, it is impossible to track back a text you sent to you.

If you want to send a secret, or perhaps tell someone you love them in secret, you can easily send a text message anonymously. This way, you are communicating safe and secure, in an easy way.

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