News: Apple overhauls texting to rival chat apps

What is iOS 17 bringing to the table?

Apple’s newest release of their operating system (iOS 17) is bringing a lot of new features, but the most important one in our eyes is the texting app updates.

Among other things, Apple is adding check-ins, automated messages, easier notifications, location sharing and more, into their texting app.

A lot of these features exist in 3rd-party apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Signal and more, but have never been seen in a texting app, not even in Android’s texting!

They will also add a catch-up to the conversation feature, so you will never miss out on those 100 or more messages you could be receiving in group texts.


Why is Apple focusing on the texting app?

The question many people have is “why”? And this is a very valid question. If other apps have it, why focus on adding these to an “ancient” feature like texting?

Well, this is because texting is far from gone and far from declining. In fact, it is making an uprise and being used not only in personal but also business settings.

The reason Apple is focusing on this, is most likely to get users to get away from third-party apps and bringing it back to its own core and supervision.

And in reality, however “scary” that might sound, it will benefit you as a user as well.

How can you benefit from this as a non-iPhone user?

If you are thinking how it could benefit you, you should start off by thinking if you could remove all of your messaging apps and simply use one place to text everyone with all the fancy features you are used to in one.

Its simplicity will give users more speed, more efficiency and more control, by simply going back to texting.

But what if you do not own an iPhone? You can still take advantage of the turns that are being taken and use the comeback of texting to your advantage.

Online SMS services exist that allow you to text anyone from anywhere, whether they have iPhones or Androids. And you can do this completely secure without having to use your own phone number, or by using your business name.

Because texting allows for a more open way of communicating, rather than having to add someone to send them messages on an app, you can use these online texting services to reach people more effectively.

When iPhone users get used more to using the texting app and return to this open communication, it will allow you to reach these users easily and ensure that they get your message.

Whether you want to promote your business, play a prank on someone or send them an anonymous love note, by sending a text online, you can do all of that.

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