News: AT&T using Google’s RCS platform for advanced texting

What is an RCS platform and who uses it?

An RCS (Rich Communication Services) platform is a communication protocol that enhances traditional SMS by providing advanced features such as group chat, read receipts, high-quality media sharing, and interactive content.

It is an evolution of SMS and aims to offer a more engaging and interactive messaging experience.

RCS platforms are typically used by mobile network operators (MNOs), device manufacturers, and messaging app developers.

MNOs can deploy RCS as the default messaging service on their networks, allowing users with RCS-enabled devices to enjoy the enhanced messaging features.

Device manufacturers can integrate RCS into their devices’ messaging apps, providing users with a consistent messaging experience across different devices.

Messaging app developers can also implement RCS support in their apps to offer additional functionalities to their users.

By adopting RCS, users can benefit from a richer messaging experience, similar to what is offered by popular instant messaging apps, but without the need for both parties to have the same app installed.

What is Google’s Jibe RCS?

At its core, Jibe RCS provides the necessary infrastructure and cloud-based services to support RCS messaging.

This includes the Jibe Cloud, which acts as a centralized hub for routing, storage, and synchronization of RCS messages.

The Jibe Hub allows communication between different RCS networks, ensuring interoperability and enabling users on different networks to exchange RCS messages.

Google’s Jibe RCS aims to accelerate the adoption of RCS as the standard for advanced messaging by providing the necessary tools and services to enable its implementation.

By leveraging the Jibe RCS platform, mobile network operators and other stakeholders can enhance their messaging services with the rich features of RCS, offering users an upgraded messaging experience.


What does this mean for AT&T users texting?

AT&T users who know buy new phones will automatically get Google’s Jibe installed, rather than the original texting services.

This means that they will be able to send long messages easy, uncompressed photos and have large group chats, without running into issues.

As we know, texting is on the rise again, but concerns over privacy and security are a daily topic.

Using Google’s service, makes the text messages more interesting, but also opens up an array of concerns for some.

As GMail, Google’s e-mailing service, has had many issues of hacks, it seems like using this global player’s RCS, might get the same concerns.

To make sure that you are safe and secure, this ‘new’ feature might not be for you. Instead you might want to look into enhancing your texting experience by using online services.

These services often do not need your personal information and are therefore not at risk of getting your personal data stolen.

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