News: British Columbia suspends nurse over harassment texts

What text messages did the nurse send?

In West Kelowna, B.C., a nurse has accessed some medical records of an individual which also included the persons phone number.

The texts that the nurse, Nancy Brocker, sent were harassing in nature, though it has not been made clear what the actual intentions were of sending the texts.

Nancy was not known to have any medical, professional or other work-related relationship with this person, and it might have just been a lack of judgement to retaliate in some way.

How were the texts intercepted and did she get caught?

The fact it came to light can be very logical. Using normal text messaging can be traced back by number.

Whether the nurse used her own phone, a work phone or someone else’s, after the recipient got the texts, they could easily trace back who sent these texts.

It is not clear what the precise method was that the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives used to get the information, but it is clear, that the messages were not sent anonymously.

The nurse has gotten a 10-week suspension of her license, as well a public reprimand. She also has to take remedial education to learn about the ethical behavior a nurse (and any common-sense person) should exert.

How can you protect your texts from being read?

It is important to know, that texts sent through any phone can be intercepted and read. Unless you use some form of encryption, which could make it harder but not impossible, as shown in many criminal cases.

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Sending a text message online makes sure you do not link any phone number to the message that can be traced back to you.

This also allows you to send messages using a different sender name, like your company, or to send it anonymously.

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