News: Can’t text between Android and Iphone? You’re not alone.

What is happening?

If you want to text from Iphone to Android, you have to text. It’s as simple as that.

There is no standard texting app that lets you communicate from Android to Iphone and vice versa. Unless you are using certain encrypted apps, but those are not for everyone.

These text messages are being sent from Android users to iPhone users with a specific + extra at the start of the phone numbers. This leads iPhone to not sync with the contacts and makes it impossible for users to reply.

This shows, that the old tried and true method of texting is even vulnerable to minor bugs that can create a big hassle and prevent you from communicating with anyone else.


Who is affected?

As far as reported, it is mostly users in the US that are running AT&T as their provider, which is quite a few, as AT&T is one of America’s biggest telecom providers.

But without any beating around the bush, everyone is affected by this bug. A small bug that  can prevent users between platforms to even send text messages is a major pain point.

This is only one of the first bugs to appear, but what could happen in the future is anyone’s guess.

The real question lies into the sturdiness of the texting system. As old as it is, celebrating its 30th anniversary, it appears that it is not flawless and easily susceptible to bugs.

The coming of app messengers and the focus on updates towards it, perhaps leaves developers to forget about the old garde.

How can I avoid this happening to me?

A great way to avoid running into these problems is by using online tools that are not bound to providers. One of those ways is sending texts online.

Sending text messages from Android to iPhone is simply the best way to communicate without having to worry about privacy and who your are trusting with your information.

Using 3rd party applications and encrypted software, means that you are also trusting someone to hold your information. And these applications have been hacked in the past.

Using an online party where you do not have to give any information out and can send texts anonymously through the internet, is the best way to ensure that your message gets received safely.

These kinds of software are not prone to bugs as they are utilizing the best of a hybrid system: Online and tried and true texting.

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