News: Conversational AI coming to text messaging

What is conversational AI in texting?

Conversational AI is a type of artificial intelligence that pretends to be human-like in the way that it speaks back to you. This means you could have a conversation as if you were talking to an actual human, but it is a computer.

This is not a new thing and many chatbots are based on conversational AI, but it has not yet been used in normal text messaging. The reason being that most companies believed that their main source of customer service came through the web.

Does AI in text messages take over normal texting?

The AI-powered support automation platform Capacity has bought Textel, a texting company. This means a step towards texting becoming a thing of the future with development for years to come.

As we know, text messages are a huge part of direct marketing, giving business owners a real way of connecting with their customers. This is where the AI is going to play a role in the future.

Customer service is a labor-intensive process, where a company-owner wants to provide the best possible care to their clients through communication.

The development of AI could definitely support in this in the future, where it will automatically send responses based on the content received.

But it will not take over normal texting for a long time. Customer service is a very personal thing and customers like talking to people rather than AI.

The development however, shows that texting is more alive than ever and in a stage of development for the future.

How do I use texting for my business?

You can use text messages for your business in many different ways. Sending a professional SMS to your customers is a real marketing gem that, if used properly, can gain you leads, clients and a positive brand image.

Your first step is to send a professional looking text message. Optimizing the sender and having your business name connected to your text is crucial to success.

If you send your message through a phone number, that number will show up if the recipient has not saved your phone number.

This can come across as spam, which your customer is not looking for, of course. But by sending a text message online, you can avoid this and create any sender, with any customized message that fits your needs.

Artificial intelligence is a good step toward the future, but good customer service starts with a proper  human response, tailored to your customer.

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