News: Emergency texting coming to Android!

What is emergency texting?

The feature to send text messages is helped by the so called Iridium satellite constellation. 

This network of sattelites allows any  users wih a phone to communicate worldwide and is a unique system that covers every single part of the earth.

This is also the system that will allow users to access something bigger than cell towers.

Usually a text will be sent through a cell tower, or another way of service, that will be in reach of the cell phone and this will be sent through to the recipient.

However, sometimes you will have no connection and there is no service on your phone. This means that you will not be able to send a message. 

Sometimes you will be able to call 911, which is an emergency call, but texting has no option to work without service.

How is this helping Android users?

Android users with the right technical specifications (mostly newer phones), will soon be able to access the earlier mentioned Iridium network.

This allows for a connection with a sattelite, that flies around in low orbit, instead of with the cell tower.

To prevent overloading these sattelites, only emergency texts will be available to be sent through the network.

However, due to its connectivity, the signal can be sent to anywhere in the world, so it does not matter where you and who you carrier is at that time.

If you are in a critical situation and you do not have service, you do not want to get stuck. This emergency text will serve Android users in staying safe in critical situations.

How can I prevent a block on texting when in an emergency?

It is possible that you experience an impossibility to text or to call from your own SIM card. This can have many reasons.

When your phone is blocked somehow, and you are not able to text or call emergency services, or someone you know, you need an alternative.

This is when online services can help you out and texting from an online partner can help you circumvent these issues.

If you still have Wi-Fi reach or mobile data, but are not able to text or call, you can visit certain websites that allow you to send a text online to anywhere in the world.

These services are often paid, but low priced and can send your message securely from anywhere, when you have any internet connection.

This can be done anonymously or with your own name and is not connected to your own phone number.

The text can contain any information you would normally text and gives you full freedom to ask for help or connect with emergency services or someone that can help.

Online services can offer you a way out of gnarly situations when calling and texting is blocked.

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