News: Flash texts are now available!

We have updated our messaging system to include more features than ever! Our renewed user interface lets you send texts online even easier. And faster.

The main update to our system, is that you can now send flash messages. A very popular method to send messages fast and have an even higher open rate!

What is a flash text message?


A flash text message is a type of text message that is sent to a mobile phone and immediately appears on the recipient’s phone screen, without requiring the recipient to open the message or take any action.

Flash messages are often used for urgent or time-sensitive messages, such as emergency alerts, security codes, or other important notifications that need to be seen and acted upon quickly. And now you can be one of those senders!

Flash messages are generally sent by network operators or service providers and are delivered directly to the recipient’s phone screen, bypassing the usual message inbox.

This makes the receive rate a lot higher and makes sure that everyone you send it to will see your message. It typically even stays on the lock screen if the person you are sending it to hasn’t opened it.

They are similar to SMS messages but are typically shorter and do not require the recipient to open a message app or click on a notification to view the message.

However, because they are delivered directly to the screen, they may be more intrusive and potentially disruptive than regular SMS messages.

How do I send a flash text message online?


Sending a text online was already easy and sending a flash text message using our service is just as simple.

All you need to do is visit our web page and fill in whoever you want the recipient to find out it is from (it can also be anonymous), fill in the recipients phone number and type your message.

Now select “flash SMS” and hit send! It’s just that quick.


What else is new on the website?


Send more than one text at a time.

With an easy edit in the boxes, you can now send more than one message at a time. If you want to send your message more often, using repeat messaging, you can just fill in any number in the box (which are also cheaper).

More payment options

We used to only accept PayPal, but we noticed that a lot of users find Stripe to be a great merchant. So we added it to the website and you can now complete your payment with Stripe as well.

Want to send a text anonymously, fast and cheap? Use our SMS services.

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