News: Former President Trump started texting?!

What is happening with Donald Trump?

We all know that Mr. Trump was obsessed with Twitter. His extravagant, sometimes outrageous tweets have made headlines all over the world.

Since his ban from Twitter, he has moved to his own platform, to spread the word to his many followers. Which seems to still be his favorite tool of communicating.

Besides speeches, press talks and online comments, the former president was known to never, ever send a single text message into the world. At least for a long time.

Perhaps this has saved him from many more clashes with the public and investigators. But all this changed in 2023.


Why did Trump start texting?

The reason that Mr. Trump started his newfound hobby of texting is unclear. Though he has surprised many people close and far with the new habit.

Texting is a very personal way of messaging people and the one-on-one contact is a lot more direct than spouting words over the internet.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Trump has changed his mind. Texting is a great way of communicating and while having the time  to think about what you write, it can convey a lot of information in a short format.

Should Trump be worried about his texts being traced?

The many tweets he has sent into the world have been meticulously captured and saved forever by a lot of people. This is one of the downsides of the online world.

Now that the president has switched to texting, these messages and perhaps opinions are much more secure and closed off from the public than before.

Sending a text message is like sending a letter to someone. You write the message, then you send the message locked through a service and someone receives it.

But as with any electronic device, these messages can be intercepted and read by anyone that has bad intentions. And so, it is always wise to encrypt your messages.

One of the ways you can do this, is by sending your text messages anonymously online. Using a third-party on your computer to send messages, rather than your phone, makes them way more secure.

Your messages cannot be traced back to you and you can convey the same information to the same people.

As for the text messages Trump is sending, they so far seem to be very simple. Some new year’s greetings, friendly check-ups and small-talk, seem to not be the kind of messages that need hiding from anyone.

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