News: KFC franchisee KBP Brands to use SMS loyalty program

In Kansas, KBP Brands is rolling out their newest loyalty program for customers: Text messaging.

They teamed up with Vibes, a business-to-business mobile messaging platform, to provide extras and bonuses to their customers efficiently.

Vibes states that 99% of text messages are opened, which is a lot more effective than e-mail marketing.


Why is texting effective marketing for businesses?

The first and foremost reason for this loyalty program, and any business to use texting for their marketing is that it is cost-effective. Because of the low competition and direct service, it is a fast tool to reach customers in a direct way.

It helps maintain customers in the long run, but can just as easily attract new customers to your business.

What is the future of loyalty programs using texts?

If we are looking at the loyalty programs that are currently being rolled out, even McDonalds has joined in to upscale their SMS marketing. If these big fish are doing it, there must be a reason.

The estimates of SMS marketing growing are said to be over 20 percent by 2025, because of its effectiveness and even reduction environmental friendly approach, reducing the need for paper.

What is the best way to start online texting for your business?

It is always best to see the results for yourself. Starting this type of marketing for your business is very simple. Using our online platform, you can personalize your texts to match your business very easily.

Once you have your brand set up, all you need to do is create the right marketing message and start sending the texts to your customers. You will find out soon enough what the results are!

The statistics are in your favor and the ease has never been clearer. Within 5 minutes you can start your own loyalty program and join the likes of McDonalds and KFC.

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