News: Ontario Police to start using new text messaging project

What is the texting tool about?


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is launching a new communication tool to enhance public awareness of certain events, and they’re leveraging mobile devices to achieve this goal.

Beginning next week, the OPP will initiate the distribution of text messages as part of their innovative engagement system.

This automated feature enables them to send messages directly to individuals who have made specific types of calls through 911 or the non-emergency line and possess an SMS-enabled device.

These text messages will pertain to particular event categories and typically include the event number for reference.

For instance, in the case of motor vehicle collisions, the message could provide information about Collision Reporting Centres.

Why is the OPP releasing this texting tool?


The OPP is realizing that its communication can be a lot faster and clearer through devices that everybody uses: Smartphones.

Texting has been a realiable way of communicating for decades now and has proven itself worthy of transmitting emergency communication.

Because the internet is more unreliable on phones, an app or cloud-based service would not suffice in communicating these types of messages to people.

Through this messaging project, it gets proven once more that text messaging is a great way of communicating still and that it is far from outdated.

Are there any benefits to online texting versus offline?


Of course, the internet has created many possibilities in communicating with one another, with several apps like social media and messaging apps garnering millions of users at a time.

Through this technology you are only a second away from reaching the person you are trying to connect with.

As mentioned, text messaging and its service are the most reliable and Wi-Fi based systems can cause a lot of problems, but there is a way of combining the best of both worlds.

Through online texting, you can send text messages as you would normally to any phone number around the world, but because of the cloud-based nature of this offering, you can do it even from your computer or laptop.

The benefits of this, is that you are able to send texts completely anonymous and/or for business purposes adding a recipient name that projects your needs, or even send flash texts without having to retype every message one at a time.

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