News: Satellite connectivity for mobile phones?

Motorola and Bullit

In the future, satellites that are high in the atmosphere will be connecting to your mobile phone to send messages. Actually, that future is now. Motorola and Bullit are building softwares allowing your phones to connect to satellites to be able to send emergency texts and to reach emergency services when normal connections fail. Of course, Google jumped on this bandwagon, by announcing that Android 14 will enable satellite connectivity as well.

Is there a downside to sending a text through satellite connectivity?

There is a catch to these apps that are being provided for this ‘satellite connection’. Just like 5G, not all phones can connect to it, you would have to have the latest phones to be able to connect.

Besides this, you will need to use specific app services to send these messages, which are currently all under monthly subscription fees. Too expensive if you ask us.

It is also a very hype thing to be mentioned. The companies that make these apps, specifically state that this satellite connection, will only be used if all other options of Wi-Fi, xG and so on are completely exhausted.

With the current availability of normal telephone poles and internet coverage, it is highly unlikely you will ever find yourself in the position of needing to find the right satellite.

Besides this, it is still a work in progress, as cloudy weather could already impact your connection to these satellites and leave you with absolutely nothing.

How can I prevent connectivity issues when sending texts?

Of course, sending texts and being able to send them, is something you want to always be able to do. This is why it is best not to rely on mobile data when sending your texts.

Mobile data, Wi-Fi and perhaps the satellite connections are often unsecured and easy to trace. Whereas sending a text message anonymously online would not have any of these issues.

Using our online service to send your text message from your computer, would be the safest way to send your texts. You do not need to hand out any personal information and are able to securely send any message you want.

The connection on a computer often goes through cable of optic fiber, which provides a stable network to send your text messages on.

How do I send an anonymous text message?

Through our platform, it is very easy to send your text message to any phone number in the world. In a few easy steps you will have sent your text message, anonymously and secure, without giving out any personal data.

Simply go to our page and fill in the boxes at the top. A name of your choosing, a phone number of the recipient and your text message are all you need to start sending your SMS.

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