News: Text messages as evidence in Householder Trial

What happened with Larry Householder?

In 2018, Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was involved in a bribery scandal that resulted in his arrest and indictment.

The scandal involved a $60 million bribery scheme involving FirstEnergy, a major energy company, in exchange for support of a bill that provided subsidies to Ohio’s two nuclear power plants. Householder and four other individuals were charged with racketeering and bribery.

Larry supposedly worked with Matt Borges, who he texted, to get new energy policies instated in Ohio, as well as drafting up House Bill 6, which was the bill that would provide FirstEnergy a great advantage in the energy sector.

Who is Matt Borges?

Matt Borges is an American political consultant and lobbyist. He served as the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party from 2013 to 2017. Borges was involved in several high-profile political campaigns in Ohio, including the successful re-election campaign of Governor John Kasich in 2014.

He is supposedly the man with many connections, connecting Larry to many others and an instigator in the cooperation and execution of this bribery scheme.

What happened in the text messages between them?

Text messages between Matt Borges and Larry Householder were part of the evidence used in the case against both individuals.

The text messages reportedly showed communications between Borges and Householder that were related to the bribery scheme involving FirstEnergy, in which Borges and Householder were accused of participating.

The text messages were used to demonstrate the close relationship between Borges and Householder, as well as to support the allegations of bribery and racketeering against them.

The text messages are likely seen as crucial evidence in the case, and likely contributed to the indictment and charges against both Borges and Householder.

Simple texts like “let it play out” and suggesting it would be “nice” to have a political opponent out of the running for the administration’s political spot, are seen as viable and clear evidence.

Are my texts safe from being used legally?

Text messages are usually partially encrypted. The ones you send will arrive as you sent them, but in order to send the data, a simple encryption is used.

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If you want to safeguard your texts and prevent people from reading it or stealing information, it is important to use deep encryptions.

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