News: Thomas Markle speaks out in controversy Meghan and Harry Netflix show

Texting is crucial evidence: Thomas Markle shows his texts


After the launch of the show Meghan and Harry on Netflix, a lot of things happened in the United Kingdom. Of course, the tumultuous couple already caused a lot of damage in the political and world of kings and queens, but it is not over.

In the show, Meghan claims that the texts that her father wrote were not his. The phone he used was ‘compromised’, she claims, and he never sent it.

Now the texts come back to haunt, because it is crucial that the texts are still in the hands of the father and he claims that he was the one writing all these texts. Exciting..!


Can text messages be used as evidence in a court case?


Sent texts have been used many times in court cases. For example the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case.

When you send a text from your phone, there is always a visible sender and receiver. A phone number connected to a name and written text as physical evidence.

Now, it is possible to send a text anonymously online, so that it cannot be traced and or used in evidence for example, because it cannot be traced. This is very important for those that want to use these texts in a legal case.


How do I send my text message secure?


Of course, this drama is something you want to avoid at all cost. Even if you are not a duke, prince or queen.

It is therefore important that these texts you are sending are secured and safe. This is where sending a text online can come in.

Sending a text through a third party, can provide you the anonimity you need to safely send someone a text that you do not want to send from your own phone number or name. Using a different name, or by not using your own phone, you can avoid the traceability.

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