Pull a prank through text

You can pull a lot of pranks through online text message. You don’t have to digitally clone yourself; pulling¬†a prank via text has never been so easy! In a few seconds and a little preparation, you can pull the most wonderful pranks by sending a text message. We share a couple of our favorites with you.

Sending digital lyrics

It’s a classic and has been going around on social media for a while, but it remains fun to test on your friends.

Pick some lyrics, a random song where there are a lot of questions and short sentences. Pick someone from your contact list that you want to pull this prank on. And now text one sentence of these lyrics at a time. It’s a prank where the recipient at first will not realize what is going on. Maybe this person will answer the questions or sentences from these lyrics even. Keep this up for a while and perhaps they eventually will find out, they have beent sent a complete song through text.

Warn that all message are being shared

Do you have a friend that loves gossipping? And mostly has these conversations through Telegram or Whatsapp? Then send them an anonymous text message where you write something like: Warning: There is a virus on Whatsapp/Telegram, that shares all your private messages to all your contacts.”

Send a message pretending to be a company

Prank your friends by declaring their driver’s license invalid in name of the DMV. Or that their delivery is being sent to a completely different address. Through TextingMessaging.com you can easily make the sender’s name a company name, that “proves” you are legit!

SMS from a stranger

For this prank, someone has to text you first. Then respond to them, saying you do not know then. You can ask “Who is this?”. Then continue sending that you do not know who this is and they might have send the message to the wrong person. End the conversation by saying you will call the police.

Text message from a robot

Write as if you were a robot. For example: “Thank you for your interest in our anti-drug program. Every day, we will send you inspirational messages, to motivate you to stop using drugs. Text STOP to stop receiving messages.”

Text from your lover

Of course it is very fun to prank your friends in many ways. Send them a text that you are talking to their ex to find out all the dirty secrets and send them the address that you are at. Or write that you want to talk… and then have a nice three-course dinner ready at home.

Do you have a fun prank you would like to share? Let us know, we are curious! Or do you have any inspiration for a good April Fool’s joke through text? We would love to hear!

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