Sending a business text, reach your target audience instantly!

Did you know that of all communication channels, the open rate of a sent business text is the highest? This way of communication has therefore the highest reach and is very easy to use and trustworthy.

Why you need to add business texts in your marketing plans.

You don’t need to, but if we look at the statistics, a business text message should not be absent in your marketing plan. We say this because of the high open ratio at your target audience.

Unlike the e-mail, where a lot of it goes to spam, everybody gets their text messages in their inbox 24/7. If you have a discount that is only shortly available, a text message might be the right way to reach the right people.

Besides these advantages, the simplicity also helps. It is very easy to send a text message to your customers. You pay per message of 150 characters. So keep your message short. This is the best fit for this communication type. Do you have a longer message to share? Use that in your e-mail marketing for example.

The pros and cons of sending a business text message.

Just like any other business service, there are pros and cons to sending a business SMS message.

Let’s start with the pros. A text message enriches your customer involvement and appears reliable. You can increase customer satisfaction and you can reach your audience very fast. You can increase your conversion rates and reach target audiences worldwide. And if you customer wants to reply to you? That is possible! Because all replies to your text message, will be coming back to the phone number you have given us.

But like anything, there are downsides. The payment for example is per message. There is also not a lot of room to put your text in. You will also need the phone numbers of your audience. So check carefully if it fits to you to send a business text message and if it fits to the message you want to get across.

How does sending an online text message work?

Luckily it is very easy to use this service. In a few easy steps you are done. First start picking a send. Take the name of your company for example. Fill in the phone number of the person you are trying to reach. Use your own client files for example. Then write the message you want to send.

Keep it short and simple, because you only have 150 characters. Do you want to send a longer message? This is also possible. But know that the power of a text decreases with the length of a text message. Now click Send SMS. You get to pay on the payment page and your message will be sent instantly afterwards!

Curious to see all possibilities of TextingMessaging?

There are many diverse possibilities that this new SMS service offers. Did you know, for example, that you can send these messages anonymously? Or in bulk? Or if you want to prank your staff? Send your invitation to the Christmas party in name of Santa. We have it all figured out for you!

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