Sending a text message from a PC, how does that work?

Is has never been easier; sending a text message from a pc. Did you know that you don’t even need your phone any more to send an SMS? With you can easily send your texts through a computer. How does this work? We will explain it to you step by step.

Why would you send a text from a PC?

Want to surprise someone? Pull a prank on someone? Or send a reminder of an invoice of your company? You can do this through a text from your PC. This way you are able to send a secret message from Santa during the Christmas party.

But this service is also used by companies more often. Through a text message, you get just that little bit of extra attention when you are sending a reminder for that invoice. But also fun (temporary) discounts for regular customers can easily be sent by text from your PC.

Sending a text message from your PC, how does that work?

It could almost not be simpler. has made it very easy for you. In the first step, you mention what you want to send in the message. Don’t forget to add a valid phone number to send to and don’t forget the country code (00xx). The text message can containt a maximum of 150 character. Of course you can make it a longer message, but it will be sent as multiple messages. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You also fill in who the sender is. If you want to stay anonymous, or send in name of your company, that is very possible. Then click Send SMS and you will be directed to our payment page. After you have paid, the message (or messages) will be sent immediately to the number you gave us.

The advantages of sending an SMS from your PC

There are a couple advantages of sending a text message from your computer. One of the most common ones is that the message is easier to type with a keyboard. A lot of people write their texts a lot faster by using their keyboard than they would using a phone screen and their fingers. If you want to send multiple messages, then sending these text messages from your computer is a lot faster than by using your own phone.

But it is also used a lot in business. You are, for example, already building your marketing plan on the computer. So how easy is it to also make sure the SMS campaign is done through your computer? You can easily send the same message to a large group of people and the spelling mistakes are easily fixed as well.

Or maybe you would rather not send your texts by means of your personal phone and keep it separate from business. This can easily be solved by sending a text message from your PC. The costs are also easy to separate, as you are paying them separately (instead of through your phone provider’s contract). This way sending texts in a business manner versus a personal manner is very easily distinguished.

sms versturen via pc

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