Sending an anonymous text

If you want to send a text to someone using your own phone, that is easily traceable. So there are limits to the things you can send, without having major consequences. Sending an anonymous text helps you be completely free in your wording and allows you to hide behind a mask. If you want to pull a prank on someone or tell someone you secretly love them, then you might want to stay anonymous. Or if you want to make a message look more professional and send it through a business name, which makes you half anonymous. There are many reasons to sending an anonymous text.

Our service makes it possible to send one of these messages, completely secure, safe and anonymous! For only a one-time payment of $0.99 per text! Whether you want to send it to someone in your town, country or anywhere in the world, our service works. Sending an anonymous text has never been easier.

We will tell you exactly how to do it, why you would want to do it and let you know more about sending an anonymous text online. Access our service anywhere, at any time and fast. Check out the different payment methods we offer and start immediately on this page!

How to send an anonymous text?

Sending an anonymouse text does not have to take more than a minute or two. We have made our service accessible to as many people as possible, keeping the process simple. Only three steps are needed and you are ready to send an anonymous text.

Starting off, you type the phone number of who you want the text to be sent to (add the country code to the number, or we might not send it right!)

After that you want to type in how you, as the sender, should be portrayed. This is where you can send an anonymous text. By not filling in your actual name, but nothing, anonymous or a fake name, you stay anonymous.

At the last step you simply write your text with up to 150 character per anonymous text and click the send button.

Completed the payment on the next page? We instantly are sending your anonymous text to the recipient. No more delays!

Using your computer to send an anonymous text

Because your phone is connected to your provider, which uses your name, you will always be known with your phone number. This person might not have your number saved, but by looking up your phone number with the provider, you will not have sent an anonymous text.

Our service does not need your phone. Or your phone number. We have our own way of sending the texts through the online service. Without using any of your personal details, we are capable of sending an anonymous text to any recipient you want.

We also like to add that our service is non-binding and we like to be completely transparant. Every anonymous text message you would like to send requires a one-time payment and nothing else. There are no hidden fees or costs and no subscriptions involved.

Sending an anonymous text through your computer is fast, reliable and there is really no better way to do it.

Why try sending an anonymous text?

There are many reasons why someone would want to send an anonymous text. We mentioned a couple of them earlier on this page. But sending a text anonymously, gives you the freedom and power to text whomever whatever.

An anonymous text online can make you pull pranks on people, give love declarations, or even portray yourself professionaly as your business, rather than a person. There are many benefits to try sending an anonymous text.


If you are trying to send anonymous text, makes it easy. We do not require any technical know-how from you, we do not require any data, we just.. send the text.

Our service is built to be secure, stable and always online. This is also how we are able to text the number you give us, instantly after payment. There is no more, is it going to be sent, no more hoping your internet doesn’t stop while it is sending. Our service is very easy to use.

Also if you are a company, our service to text anonymously is very useful. If you are looking for a new way of marketing, sending text messages in the name of your company is a fantastic start. With text messaging being underrated and underserved, you can easily reach your targets ahead of the competition. We have made it easy for you to send a text message anonymously.

Want to send a text anonymously, fast and cheap? Use our SMS services.
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