Sending an online text chat

Sometimes you want to send an online text securely. And now that is very possible to do through It is completely anonymous if you want, it is cheap and above all, very easy to send an online text chat.

Maybe you want to pull a prank on someone, or perhaps you have simply broken your phone. No matter what the reason is, you always have to possibility to send an online text chat.

And if we think outside the box, then sending a text for business purposes is also a great option! Perhaps you want to remind customers of a payment? Send an online text chat! You would not be the first.

Our services can be accessed worldwide. Not only that, sending an online  text chat can be done from only $0.99.

Check out the different payment methods we offer and start right away. On this page we will tell you more about our services, how it works, what it costs and what you should be paying attention to when using a text chat online. And if you don’t want to read, just start right away!

How to send an online text chat?

Let’s talk about sending that online text chat. We told you it would be simple, but it is probably even simpler than you think. There is only a couple clicks involved and before you know it, your recipient receives a text message exactly how you want it.

So, first you type in the box what the number of the recipient is (include the country code, otherwise it might go wrong).

Then you type in how you, the sender, should be called (perhaps anonymous, your actual name or company name, or a fake one).

Lastly you write your message with up to 150 characters per online text chat and hit send!

Payment succesful on the next page? We will send that online text chat to the chosen number immediately. No waiting times!

Using your computer for text chat online

We have to dissapoint you, but you are not the first to visit Every day more people, companies and consumers, use our secure service to send their online texts. It is a very popular way of working, but not everyone knows that you can do this through your computer.

So it is important to know that our service is non-binding and transparant. It can be used as a joke, 100% anonymously, as a surprise, a normal online text chat or  for business use. And you can use our text chat, online from behind your computer. Fast typing, while multitasking the internet or games. There is no need for a dying phone battery or trying to find the thing in the first place. Our service makes is super simple to send your text chat online, very fast and reliably.

Effective way of sending your online text chats

As we mentioned, it will only take a couple clicks before you have sent your online text chat. It is a very cheap and effective way to reach your goal. So why wait? Check out the box on the website where you can fill in the details we told you about before and hit that send button!

Companies are using our service for business purposes, because they simply want to have a professional looking text message, come from the right person, with the right message to the right recipient. It costs little time and is price effective. has made sending an online text chat easier than ever. So once you notice how easy and secure it is, tell your friends.

Sending an online text chat via the Internet

We all know that we got used to using the phone. But let’s be honest, you are spending a lot more time on the internet than on any other app. So why not try sending an online text chat via the internet. It is easier than ever and receiving and official text message is of course way more impressive than any other messaging app. Besides that, try staying anonymous when you use those services, whereas can be 100% anonymous for you. Just give it a try.

We only send a text via the internet for a one-time payment. And just to be clear and transparent, you are not stuck to any recurring payments or monthly bills. When we say one-time, we mean one time. Sending an online text chat can come in handy if you want to quickly inform someone about something, pull a prank or simply are too lazy to grab your phone that you left somewhere in the house.

All this is possible at for both private and business use. After your payment (only $0.99) we will send your SMS directly to the sender via the internet, safe and secure. And we can not state enough that, if you fill in the phone number correctly, the recipient will receive it immediately. No more waiting, no more doubting, instant reward.

When to trust a text chat online

When you are paying for a service, you hope it works. And no matter how small the payment is, trust is one of the most important things. So how do you know when to trust a text chat online? Very simple: Check that the payment methods are verified, check the website’s policies are legit and that the company behind it is registered. checks all of these boxes and we try to be as transparent as possible about our way of working. A text chat online is a great way of  sending messages quickly, reliably and fast to anyone, anywhere. Our service does not require you to put in any details of your own and you can therefore trust your personal details will not be sold off or used in any way. Also our payment methods are secure and you can verify all your purchases made through it. A text chat online has never been easier to use, while being completely trustworthy.

Want to send a text anonymously, fast and cheap? Use our SMS services.
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