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We appreciate the privacy of the internet. Or at least what it used to be. That is why we created our online sms service. And using our service allows you to create an SMS Bomber online, in a fast and easy way. You don’t have to worry about registrations, filling in personal details or anything. We offer it cheap, secure and anonymously. If you are looking to create an SMS Bomber online or to send a bulk SMS. This is the right website you were looking for.

Our service allows people to combine anonymity with pleasure. And it is completely legal, do not worry about that. We simply allow you to send and SMS online, or multiple if you like.

Check out the different payment methods we offer and start right away. It is cheap, simple and secure. On this page you can read what an online SMS bomber is, how to use it and what it could be used for.

What is an SMS Bomber online?

An SMS Bomber is simply the name for a service that allows you to send multiple, like a lot, of text messages to the same number very fast. It is not like a bulk SMS, where you send them to different numbers all at once.

An SMS Bomber can be used for stolen phones, to make the phone unusable. Or to pull a prank on someone and let them have to read 100 messages and popups before they can continue doing anything else. If their phone is on loud, it will be even more annoying! Not  that a buzzing sound would be any better if they are in class or at work.

We can send our messages nearly instanly. Which is why the service is very suitable to create your own SMS Bomber online. It does not require any technical or IT skills, all you have to do is follow our simple couple of steps and you are able to send them within no time.

How to send an online SMS Bomber? will allow you to send your SMS Bomber online very quickly. Like we said you do not need any experience with this and you only have to follow a couple of steps to fill in your first message. Copy and paste the process and you are ready to create your SMS Bomber online.

Firstly, we require the phone number of the person you are trying to send the bomber to (and type in the country code, otherwise it might fail).

Then you type in how you, the sender, should be called (perhaps anonymous, your actual name or company name, or a fake one).

Lastly you write your message with up to 150 characters per online text chat, copy and paste the text into multiple texts or send them one by one and hit send! You will have created your own online SMS bomber!

Payment succesful on the next page? We will send that online text chat to the chosen number immediately. No waiting times!

Paid SMS Bomber Online

As a powerful tool, that requires a bit of data, an SMS bomber online is usually not free. Whether you use your phone to manually click through a bunch of buttons and search for contacts and send them (which will not be anonymous either, so watch out for retaliations), or use a service, you will have to pay for it. At, we tried to keep the service as accessible as possible to anyone with any budget. This is why we allow an SMS to be sent from $0.99! This makes it very affordable to send SMS Bombers online for anyone. For only $9.99 you will spam 10 texts into your recipients inbox already! This is why our tool makes for a great online SMS bomber tool. It costs you very little time and gives you a lot in return.

Using an SMS Bomber Online

Without filling in any personal details, we allow you to use an SMS Bomber online at We like to keep everything as safe, secure and anonymous as possible. So, we will never store your data, sell it for advertising or anything like that. We are transparant and want to let you have all the power. Just start filling out your details in the box on this page and you will find out how quickly you can start your own online SMS Bomber!

Even if you are a company, looking at bulk SMS, our service can also mean a lot to you. Texting has been an underrated marketing strategy for a while now. Standing out of the crowd, in a non-overflowing way, creates a high return on investment for every dollar you put in. Just ask yourself: How many actual texts do you still get? And when you do, how important you feel they are? Very! So, using an SMS Bomber online would be a perfect way for you to create high revenue streams and measure exactly what you get. has made sending an sms online without registration easier than ever. So once you notice how effective and easy it is, share the knowledge with your friends.

Are Online SMS Bombers dangerous?

Of course you should not use our service for illegal activities. Online SMS Bombers are not illegal, but if you are using them to, for example, make services unusable by spamming their inboxes, this could possibly be an illegal activity. Make sure that you use the opportunities responsibly and do not mistreat the use of online SMS Bombers. Of course we do not store any personal information, and you do not have to give any personal information and can be completely anonymous. So from a privacy perspective you do not have to worry if online SMS Bomber is dangerous. It is completely safe. These practices are purely meant to make things as efficient as possible. Texting will never be the same and the ease with which you will achieve your goals will blow you away. Start now on this page and create your own online SMS bomber immediately!


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