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Have you ever thought about pranking someone through an SMS? Or just wanted to look professional sending a text in name of your company? In other words, have you ever thought about an SMS online?

Many people have been trying to find the perfect way to send and SMS online. And many have also found us. Textingmessaging is an SMS online service where we are as transparent and clear about our service as possible. It is simply an easy-to-use service to send an SMS online, cheap, secure and anonymously.

Check out the different payment methods we offer and start right away.

How to create SMS online?

To send an sms online is quite straightforward. At we created a service to make it as easy as can be. We wanted our service to make life easy and that is exactly what we did. So here we will tell you our 3 step plan to creating that perfect text:

Firstly we need to know the number of the recipient (and don’t forget to add the country code).

Next, we need to know what you would like the sender to be. You can type anything you want, it does not have to be your actual full name.

And last but not least, simply start writing your own message! It can be 150 characters long per text and all you have to do after is hit that send button.

After these three simple steps, your SMS is created online and after succesful payment we will send that SMS online immediately. No need to be impatient and wait to see if it comes through.

Why would you send SMS online?

Many people want to find a way to stay anonymous, or to be more professional.  Marketeers want to find new ways to reach people. Consumers want to pull pranks. Or it is simply an alternative to having a broken phone. There are many reasons to want to send an SMS online.

One of the most important things about sending an SMS online is that you are not using a personal information. The reason VPN services are booming is the same, because people know that the internet can be full of dangers. Using an online service that takes away all tracks in order to send your personalized SMS online, is a safe and secure way to communicate with whomever, wherever.

It is important to know that our service is non-binding and transparant. It can be used as a joke, 100% anonymously, as a surprise, a normal online SMS or for business, freely without registration.

Costs of SMS online

We know that it is important to know how much you are paying for an SMS online. Because you do not want to end up sending a message, realizing you just paid 10$ to do so. We love to boast about our service being secure, anonymous and trustworthy. And everyone needs to be able to use it. That’s why we only ask $0.99 per sent text. That is basically nothing! We will also not sell or reuse any information, so you can know that we handle your information with the utmost care. So what are you waiting for? Fill in the box and send that SMS online!

Can you take back and SMS online?

Because we keep our service secure and untraceable. It unfortunately is not possible to take back an SMS that you already paid for and sent. Once it goes through our system, it is sent out immediately and that SMS online will be arriving and read in no-time. So, be careful what you wish for or write, because there are no take-backsies on an SMS online. We tell you this, because every advantage has its disadvantage and we want to make sure you have the best experience using our service to send an SMS online.

What is a safe way to send SMS online?

There are many services to send texts through your computer. But it is important to know, that not all these services are safe. Some require you to fill in a lot of your own details, before yo ucan send the SMS online. This is usually, so the owners can reuse your information for marketing purposes, or to sell your data to 3rd parties. This means you will get spammed. does not ask for your information and will not process this data either, so it is a safe way to send your SMS online. Also make sure that every payment you make, is secure and can be verified by the account you are using to purchase the SMS online. Our services are transparent and we make sure everything is verifiable.

Want to send a text anonymously, fast and cheap? Use our SMS services.
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