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Many people want to have text messages look cool. Whether this is using the right emojis that don’t exist on your phone’s keyboard, or make the sender look super professional or funny. There are a million ways to use a text messsage creator. Want to have the most beautiful looking text message? Simply send an anonymous (and we mean completely anonymous) text message? Or perhaps your SMS just needs to be professional for business purposes. Textingmessaging.com has got your cvovered with our online text message creator.

Our service is transparent, secure and safe. Creating a text message with our creator tool is easy and one SMS only costs a one-time payment of $0.99 per text! Your created SMS can be sent anywhere in the world, as long as you have a valid phone number for us to send it to. A text message creator has never been as easy as ours.

On this page you can explore how to use our service, why you should use it and what is so special about our service. If you do not want to read, you can also just start filling in the form at the top and create the best texts with our message creator!

How to use a text message creator?

Creating an SMS may cost you a lot of time on your phone. The screen is small, the emojis and letters are limited and you might have to download, copy and paste or do some  fancy tricks to get your text to look as good as you want it to. And then you still have to problem that you are sending it from your phone, so it will always come back to the recipient as your  name. How annoying. But with three simple steps you can use our text message creator and send the perfect, perhaps even anonymous, SMS!

To start you have to type the phone number you want us to send your text message to. Make sure you fill in the complete number with international country code (use google to find out which one). We might send your message to the wrong person if you forget this very important step!

Then you type the sender’s name. This means that the perosn you are sending the text to, will be receiving their text message from our creator with that name. Anonymous,  fake names, real names, company names, you name it and we will provide it. That is what a text message creator can do.

Lastly you want to write your beautiful text of maximally 150 characters per text and hit send. This is where your freedom comes in to play and you can create your SMS as best you can. Enjoy!

Are you done? Then complete the payment on the next page and we will send your text message instantly.

Using your computer as a text message creator

There are many benefits to using your computer for this. The first one is that your computer will not run out of battery. If you are creating the perfect text and your battery is low, you might lose all that you worked for and that is frustrating as can be. So on a computer you can take your time with our text message creator. Of course there are also a lot of limitations to using a phone that a computer does not have. One of those being unlimited types of characters. A phone can only do so much, before you have to install different keyboard languages or download gifs off the internet. With a computer this goes much faster and there are a lot more options.

Your computer has a screen that is a lot bigger, so you will be able to easily see what you are doing and what the text looks like. Imagine you are writing a couple texts at once and you would have to keep scrolling back and forth to see what you wrote before. Not too nice. Using our text message creator makes this problem a lot more overcomable.

Why textingmessaging.com

One of the biggest reasons people use our services and not others for a text message creator is that ours is completely anonymous. We do not ask for any of your personal details, so we can’t sell it to anyone or store it to spam you with advertising. We don’t care about that. Instead, we ask simple one-time payments for your texts, so that you can choose when, where and how many texts you want to create.

Our service is also very realiable. It is made to be secure, stable and always online. This is why we brag about sending your text message instantly after creation. You should not have to worry if your internet lags out or the payment comes through but the message isn’t processed. This process is instantly and you can trust that all that you write will come through. Of course, given the information is filled in properly and payment has been completed.

Want to send a text anonymously, fast and cheap? Use our SMS services.

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