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Do you want to send a text message fast? But no phone in sight? Or does yours not work, because you dropped it? Send an online SMS through Do it anonymously or with your own name and phone number. Do you want to know how? It is very simple and we would love to explain it to you.

How does sending a text message work with

We have made it as easy as possible. Do you want to send a text message anonymously, as a company or as yourself? And do you want to do this easily through your PC? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! We have written down all the steps for you.


Pick a (fake) name and phone number

Would you like to send your text message anonymously? That is possible. An anonymous text is not anonymous if the recipient can find out who the sender is. So think of a good fake name that you can use as the sender. You can also write down any phone number you want to use. But you can also simply use your own name and phone number. The choice is yours.

Write your text message

You can write your own message, using a maximum of 150 characters. You can obviously use more if you cannot tell your whole story in 150 character, but you will pay per 150 characters. So if you are using 250 cahracters, we will charge you for 2 text messages.

Sent instantly

After you have hit the send button, you will be directed to our payment page. When you have completed the payment, your message will be sent instantly. The text message will be received by the recipient immediately. Did you know that this service is not bound to any country either? You can even send your messages to anybody anywhere in the world with an international phone number. And there are no extra costs! Do mention the right country code, so that the message is sent to the right person.

Our service is not free, but it is good. You can be sure that your message will be sent anonymously, safely and fast.

Sending an SMS internationally

Do you have friends or family in a different country? Then you can easily send an international text message. No worries about rising phone bills, the only thing you need to worry about is if you are using the right phone number with country code.

Do you want to prank someone? OR just have some fun? You can use an anonymous sender to send a text message internationally. Maybe you have a crush on someone you met on holiday, but you don’t know if they feel the same. It might feel safer to share this feeling anonymously through an SMS, without revealing your true identity immediately.

When you use you are choosing the easiest way of sending a text message online. Above all you are doing it safely and fast!

Do you want to know more about sending a text message? Or how you can send an SMS in name of Santa Claus for example? Perhaps you want to use this service for your business. We would love to give you some advice!

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