Do you want to send an anonymous text?

Do you want to prank your colleague? Or confess your love to your crush and send them an anonymous text message? You can do that anonymously, safely and cheap! But how does it work to send an anonymous SMS? And is it truly anonymous? We help you get through this process and answer your questions.

Is sending an anonymous text, truly anonymous?

We hav a short answer for this: YES! Through it is possible to send your text messages truly anonymously. But you of course want to know how:

Sending an anonymous text is only anonymous when you do not have to give our your own name. That is why you can use a random name and phone number as the sender at This way your text is really not your text. This makes it impossible for the recipient to find out who sent the message. How does it work? We will explain.

Write your message

At, you can send a text where you can tell a whole story. Do you want emojis or special characters? Possible too! And perhaps the easiest part, is that you can do all of this and send the message through your PC or tablet. This way you can write fast and easy. Do you want to send multiple texts? That is something you can do at as well.

Need some inspiration? We have written nice articles filled with inspiration for anonymous texts from for example Santa Claus or your Valentine. We even included rhymes and quotes that you can use to invite your colleagues for a merry Christmas party. But keep an eye out for more blogs to inspire you for April Fool’s and more.

Sent immediately

Have you written your text, then you get sent to the payment system. It’s simple to quickly pay and your message will then be sent immediately. That is a quick fix!

The text message will instantly be received by the recipient. The text service is not free, but it is good. You know for sure that your message will be sent securely, anonymously and fast.

Sending texts internationally

TextingMessaging can send your anonymous SMS above and beyond the boundaries of your own country. We make sure that you can send your text message to any number worldwide. And we do not ask for any extra costs for this! This way it is very simply to send a text message to anyone, anywhere at any time. Do make sure that you have to correct country code in the phone number, so that we can send the text to the right person. Do you want to know more about sending a text message internationally with Read more here.

Checklist to send an anonymous text securely and fast:

  1. Pick a sender (or anonymously)
  2. Fill in the phone number of the recipient
  3. Write your message (max. 150 character per message)
  4. Click send SMS
  5. Pay the sum for the message
  6. Your message will now be sent instantly

anonieme sms versturen

Want to send a text anonymously, fast and cheap? Use our SMS services.

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