Sending an anonymous text?

Why would you send a text anonymously?

Do you want to send a text anonymously? That is possible with In just 2 minutes, you will have sent a text 100% anonymously to any phone number you want. 

Our anonymous texting services are accessible to anyone.

Our customers are consumers as well as businesses. Sending an anonymous text can be done worldwide! One-time costs are only $0,99.

Sending a text 100% anonymously

You can send a text message fully anonymous with our system.

Our customers send anonymous texts nationally and internationally.

The recipient will not know that the message is yours! Sending a text can be done with your computer and you do not need a phone. 

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How does it work to send an anonymous text?

At the top of this page is the form you have to fill in.

This is how we send text messages anonymously.

First it is important that you tell us you want to send the text anonymously.

Secondly you need to enter the phone number of the recipient. This has to include the country code.

Lastly you just have to type the message the receiving end will see on his or her phone. Maximum of 150 characters per text.

Sending anonymous, fast and cheap texts? Then use our text services.
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Example Texts

“Dear sir / Madam. Unfortunately, our installation service with your new kitchen were in front of a closed door. Make a new appointment via [#].”


Dear Sir/Madam, this is a final request for you to pay your outstanding balance of $1311.46 in respect of file #226227S1.


“Your order has been received and confirmed. Your order number is: 211, delivery to [ADDRESS]. Please contact us with any questions.”


“Hey hello.. I’m in love with you.. You are my valentine. Do you want to go on a date with me?”