Sending a SMS text via the internet worldwide?

Send a text message

Sending a text securely online?

You can easily, anonymously & cheaply send a text via

You can already send a text online within a few seconds. Because you lost your phone. Or because you want to make a joke..

Of course you can also use textingmessaging for business purposes. How about sending a payment reminder? Many entrepreneurs have already gone ahead of you.

Our reliable services are offered worldwide. A big advantage is that sending a text message abroad only costs $0.99.

You can pay securely via iDeal with your own bank.

How do I send a text message?

How does sending a text work online? It’s simple and anyone can do it with just a couple of clicks.

Indicate who the recipient is (including country code). Mention who the sender should be (anonymous or your name or company name).

Then you write your message up to 150 characters. Then click on send text and you can pay directly with iDeal.

Payment successful? We will immediately send your text to your chosen number.

Send text via PC

More and more companies and consumers are finding their way to

Sending a text via the internet is more popular than ever. Still, not everyone knows that you can send a text message via your PC.

Our service is completely non-binding and transparent. Sending a text via PC can be done as a joke, 100% anonymously, as a surprise or for business use.

Sending a text online

ending a text online is cheap and effective. Maybe you want to surprise someone with an online text message. Within a few clicks you can send your text online.

Companies are also increasingly finding our services. Whether you want to send a text for business or private use. is the platform of the moment. Online texting has never been so easy and cheap.

Sending a text via the Internet

Sending a text message via the internet? Try our service.

We only send a text via the internet for a one-time payment. Sending a text message can come in handy if you want to quickly inform someone about something.

This is possible at for both private and business use. After your payment (only $0.99) we will send your SMS directly to the sender via the internet.

Sending anonymous, fast and cheap texts? Then use our text services.

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Example texts

“Dear sir / Madam. Unfortunately, our installation service with your new kitchen were in front of a closed door. Make a new appointment via [#].”


Dear Sir/Madam, this is a final request for you to pay your outstanding balance of $1311.46 in respect of file #226227S1.


“Your order has been received and confirmed. Your order number is: 211, delivery to [ADDRESS]. Please contact us with any questions.”


“Hey hello.. I’m in love with you.. You are my valentine. Do you want to go on a date with me?”

In love