Testing text message

It is very possible that you need to make sure a phone number works. Or you need to test if your phone is broken or not. The easy way to do this is by using an online service. Textingmessaging.com allows you to test a text message securely. It is completely anonymous if you want, it is cheap and above all, very easy to send.

You can use a test text message to pull a prank on someone, or just to see if someone is a scammer or not. But the risk of doing this with your own phone and number, is that you can be tracked. Whatever your reasons are or goal is, with our service, you can do all of this completely anonymous, securely and safe.

And thinking a bit ahead, this service of testing text messages is also a great way to do business. What if you want to see how consumers respond to texts and advertising that way, but not risk having your own business named in the text message? Testing a text message through our service is the best workaround for this. Start trying it now, you wouldn’t be the first!

Our services can be accessed worldwide. Not only that, sending an online  text chat can be done from only $0.99.

Check out the different payment methods we offer and start right away.

How to test a text message?

So if you want to test a text message, you do not need more than a couple of steps. We tried to make our service as easy to use as possible, so we have created a three step instruction for you, to see how it goes.

So, first you type in the box what the number of the recipient is (include the country code, otherwise it might go wrong).

Then you type in how you, the sender, should be called (perhaps anonymous, your actual name or company name, or a fake one).

Lastly you write your message with up to 150 characters per online text chat and hit send!

Payment succesful on the next page? We will send that online text chat to the chosen number immediately. No waiting times!

Using your computer to test a text message

If you believe that our service is a new, untested one, we have to dissapoint you. Textingmessaging.com is used by many people around the world and only growing in use. Our service is secure and easy to use and above all completely anonymous. Using your computer and our service to test a text message is a safe way to get things rolling.

The benefit of using your computer is that it can be used anywhere you want, just like a phone. And it doesn’t matter what computer you are using or where you are, because our service doesn’t require you to set up an account, give us any details or register. We make things easy. Sending a test text message is very useful and to achieve the right one you need ease of mind. Textingmessaging.com gives you that.

It is important to know that our service is non-binding and transparant. There is only a one-time payment, no hidden fees or monthly recurring costs.

Effective way of testing text message

As said, there is no more than a couple of clicks required to start testing a text message. It’s a reliable and affordable way to get what you need. So why wait? There is a box on this page where you can start filling out the details we mentioned ealier and click send to start testing that text message.

Companies are using our service for business purposes as well. Their goal is to test out  t h e effectiveness of their test text message on the consumer. A professional looking message is the way to go and our service is an effective way to reach the right person with the right message. Testing a text message costs little time and is price effective.

Textingmessaging.com has made sending an online text chat easier than ever. So once you notice how easy and secure it is, tell your friends.

Testing a text message via the Internet

Of course we all know how to use a phone. It is embedded in the last couple of decades. What we know is that the combination of texting and newer technology like the internet, things can improve. Testing a text message via the internet is therefore one of the services we provide. At textingmessaging.com you can stay completely anonymous, while testing out how your text message looks and feels. Send it to yourself, or as a trial to someone else.

With our service you won’t be stuck paying monthly, or pay any hidden fees. We are transparent and only request one-time fees per message.

Want to send a text anonymously, fast and cheap? Use our SMS services.

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